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A pastoral fantasy tabletop RPG about traveling animal-folk and the way they change with the seasons.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Deep Chill Update: Getting Closer
5 days ago – Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 08:26:26 PM

Hi everyone, the month of Snowblanket came and went in a flash, and now we're stranded deep in the endless Frostbite that seems to dominate the area I live in. I can see piles of muddy snow from my window, and I've taken to getting work done under a mound of blankets in one corner of my office. This update, like all the updates before it, is going to cover project updates, administrative information, upcoming announcements, and have some art at the end. So please grab one of the mugs in the cabinet, get yourself some hot cocoa, and let's check in about Wanderhome's progress.

Off To Do Layout

Wanderhome is finally fully edited, checking in at just a little over thirty-three thousand words. The text is, dare I say it (knock on wood) done. Now it's over to Ruby, who will be spending the next month with Indesign trying to fit everything together into one enormous PDF.

Which, quick sidebar! When we first launched this Kickstarter, we were intending to use Mixam Printing. Because of that, we were planning on the book being 8.5 inches, square. Because we've swapped to Taylor Specialty Printing, we can now print the book at 9 inches, square. It's a little thing but I'm still hyped about it.

So now we're in layout! This means we're sending a lot of screencaps back and forth, yelling about font sizes, printing things off of my cruddy little HP OfficeJet (to prove a point), and generally putzing around. The end plan is for each page to be a different color, but before we can do that we gotta get all the text onto them. So think of these next couple of screencaps as the lineart stage of layout — they're black and white so that we can get a feel for what the objects are like on the page, but the end goal is going to look a lot shinier.

Rough sketch of two natures in layout
Rough sketch of some rules text and an example of play, in layout


A note, before we get into anything else. I wanted to let you all know that Possum Creek Games has made the decision to remove Ajey Pandey from our team of stretch goal writers. His work will not be included in the stretch goal PDF. 

I'm going to take some time now to finally run over the timeline for Wanderhome as we go into 2021. I know a lot of you are expecting a June 2021 release, but the exciting news is that we'll be able to release the book at least a few months in advance of that. Here's the timeline as we go forward and how we expect things to shake out.

  •  February 15th: We'll be locking everyone's purchases in and charging everyone's cards. This is your last chance to preorder Wanderhome through Backerkit! After this point we'll still be offering Wanderhome preorders, but we'll be switching over to our own website. If you purchased anything through our preorder store or add-ons, make sure you have the funds in your account, as this is when you'll be getting charged for everything.
  •  Early April: Wanderhome will be all done and we'll send off a PDF to get a proof from the printer. That'll take a hot moment, but once we get something back we'll know how it looks. It should be in this time that we release the PDF copy for all of you!
  •  Late April: We get the proof back, make some edits, and send our final order to the printers. 
  •  May: You should be getting your hands on physical copies of Wanderhome, along with all the merch and addons! This is also when we'll distribute copies of the stretch goal PDF (hopefully, although the PDF might take another few weeks based on art)

Note that this is flexible based on life circumstances. Our timeline can still get thrown off by outside factors, and I refuse to crunch anyone involved in order to make sure we hit those deadlines. I'm confident you all understand.

Candlefeast by Jo Thierolf and LH
Mockup of Among The Hills by Nadhir Nor, as a full page spread in the hardcover
Mockups of the postcard and how one of the ten different fronts will look.

Uncanny: A Sleepaway Expansion

It's been about a year and a half since Sleepaway, my first tabletop RPG book, was published. It's about a group of summer camp counselors helping protect their kids from a monstrous Lindworm. Sleepaway is an ENnie-award winning game that features a really unique perspective on gender, community, horror, and magic. Sometimes I joke that it's the most autobiographical thing I've ever written, and there's a lot there that — even though it's maybe not as polished as Wanderhome — means it has a special place in my heart.

And I'm doing an expansion! Uncanny is focused on the Strangeness, the mysterious creatures lurking at the edge of the camp. It is fascinated with the magic of liminality, in the way our dreams blur with reality at the crossing between one world and the next. Uncanny is all about that fascination, and this expansion adds a ton to the world of Sleepaway. With new strangenesses, rituals, playbooks, resources, and more, Uncanny is an incredibly supplement that brings the particular mixture of horror and care that fills Sleepaway to new heights.

You can preorder the digital copy of Uncanny on my Itch.io page, or the Print + PDF on our website. The book will be released on February 19th.

Cover art by Worsey
Mockup of the design for Uncanny

Streams And Interviews

I recently did an interview with Amber of Table Top Babble about care in Wanderhome and queerness. You can check it out here. I really love this interview and am really proud of the conversations we had.

Additionally, Dicebreaker just wrapped up a 2-part actual play of Wanderhome on their stream. It's a lovely and heartwarming game, and I love how it turned out. You can watch both parts here:

...Wait, there's more!

Additionally, come hang out with Joseph Fink (Welcome To Nightvale, Alice Isn't Dead), Brennan Lee Mulligan (Dimension 20), Alex Song-Xia (Squirrel Comedy Theatre), Nick Guercio (Fun City), and Carly Monardo (Rude Tale Of Magic) while they play Wanderhome on stream with the Fortunate Horse Dreamstream on January 23rd! This will be Joseph Fink's first time playing an RPG, and I'm very excited that his first exposure to it is going to be, well, this.

Finally! There's going to be more Wanderhome-related podcast news on its way. I don't have any specific updates, but we've been working with the folks over at Oneshot Network and I should have more information for you soon. 

Call To Action

Dustin Higgs is a Black man set to be executed on January 15th for a crime he didn't commit. The situation is deeply grotesque, horrific, and unfair. The United States is a country shaped by unimaginable violence against Black and Indigenous people, and in the face of unimaginable global collapse it becomes more important than ever to not only imagine better worlds, but put active effort into creating those worlds in the present. Please, look through this Twitter thread full of links and help out however you can.

Additionally, check in with each other. Be kind to each other. Step away from the computer and connect with the community around you. It's been a hard first week after an impossibly hard year, and now is when the most vulnerable members of our communities need us. I say it every time and I'll say it again—the world can be so cold this time of year, and it doesn't take much to save someone's life.

Merch Closes Tomorrow Midnight EST
about 1 month ago – Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 05:55:28 PM

hey everyone! ruby here so this one will be very brief and not as poetic as usual. just wanted to remind you one last time that we're closing preorders for much of our merch tomorrow (tuesday december 15) at midnight est so that we can put in the orders! you can also click the backerkit link on the main wanderhome kickstarter page.

some art sketches, as an offering:

sketches for some natures by our inimitable interior artist, letty wilson
mockup of an illustration by gica tam to accompany jeeyon shim's wanderhome recipe companion, "far from home but on the way"
more illustrations from gica for recipes included in jeeyon's piece

the above illustrations are from our dear friend jeeyon shim's incredible stretch goal piece about foraging, cooking, and eating in wanderhome. we just got a first draft of the text and as with all of jeeyon's work it is intensely thoughtful, ambiently cute, meticulously concepted, and deliciously playtested.

coincidentally--the kickstarter for her upcoming game, field guide to memory, launches tomorrow! it's a journaling game about cryptids and nature with lots of ephemera and artifacts and it's going to be a total banger. i'm doing the layout for the book. you can view the preview page and sign up to be notified at launch here.

thats all for today!!



Feedback Form (and Website, Merch Reminder, Art and More!)
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 07, 2020 at 09:43:46 PM

Hi everyone, Jay here.

It feels like every year, the month of Snowblanket becomes shorter and shorter. It hasn't even started this year—Grasping is dragging on like an uninvited guest trying to sneak some cheeses off of the plate before anyone notices, all while sunlight becomes a more and more valuable commodity. I'm sorry for the frequent updates in this stage—a lot of really exciting stuff is happening at Possum Creek Games, and I want to make sure you are kept up to date. 

Backer Feedback Form

As we've been developing our plan for 2021 and what we want to focus on what all of you might be looking for from our work. We made a form to collect your thoughts! Don't worry, we're not going to treat this like gospel—we are always committed to creating the things we care about. But! It matters a lot to us to know how all of you feel, and this kind of feedback is incredible useful for us. 

Here's the link to the optional form.

Illustrations of Traits (represented through bugs) by Letty Wilson

Our Website

We have it! We have our website, finally! It took us a few months but it's here and it has an online shop and a bunch of fun things. I am so relieved it's all set up, and if you've been meaning to pick up some Possum Creek projects like The Flower Court (an RPG designed for online play, about a decadent court of nobles engaged in a complicated courtship ritual / murderous plot) or Esoteric (a series of ritual games that cannot be described) now you can! You can also sign up for our newsletter on there, and get a heads up the moment we launch preorders for our upcoming projects. 

You can check out the website here!

One Week Left For Backerkit Merchandise

We're only offering merchandise on Backerkit for one more week! On December 15th we'll be closing all merchandise preorders so we can place the orders to our manufacturers. We're figuring out some additional merchandise options once the book is out, but right now this is your only chance to grab wall scrolls, patches, pins, T shirts, and more!

Visit the preorder store here!

Book Progress & Art

Kazumi and I just finished up the initial editing process, and now the text is all set for the layout that will start in January. It's gonna be a huge endeavor, and we want to make sure we have everything together before we get started. Our art is trickling in, and I there's some really beautiful special stuff here that I'm SO hyped to show you.

Lonely Natures by Juho Choi
Wives Reuniting by Cam Adjodha
The Leader of the Rebellion by Nuria Tamarit
Great Arc Of The Year (scroll edge) by Conner Fawcett

That's all I have for now, take care everyone and be sure to stay in touch on here, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Discord, or wherever else you find yourselves! 

— Jay

Merch Reminder, Art, Press Kit and More!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Nov 29, 2020 at 11:44:15 PM

It's still the month of Grasping here—the leaves have fallen fully from the trees and the air has taken on this almost supernaturally clear quality. Myself and my pod are bunkering down for a long and cold winter, but we have plans to make that time pass as gracefully as it can, and to get a ton of work done on Wanderhome while we're at it.

Timeline Update

As art comes together and our work on this project continues, we find ourselves shooting for a late March release date. This is not final, as delays in production can absolutely cause problems along the way, but we hope to get it to you several months ahead of our original June 2021 goal.

Bug sketches by Letty Wilson

BackerKit Merch

Reminder that the merchandise available on Backerkit (i.e wall scrolls, t-shirts, pins, patches, and stickers) are going to be unavailable starting December 15th. If you want them, you'll have to add them to your survey before then. While we do have plans to open a Threadless with more merchandise options, this is going to be your only chance to buy screenprinted t-shirts or the beautiful wall scrolls.

Also, please fill out your surveys. There's only a few hundred of you left, and I want to make sure everyone has the chance to access the add-ons store. 

Speaking of wall scrolls, we've been working with Conner Fawcett on their design. Here's another sneak peek at what's been going on behind the scenes.

The seasons of Swarming and Gateling by Conner Fawcett
Layout Mockups for the Great Arc of the Year
The seasons of Firetop and Grasping by Conner Fawcett

This art is going to be inside the book, and also in the limited edition wall scroll available on Backerkit now!


Hello to our lovely journalist friends! Now that we have a slightly more finalized release date, we're looking into supporting journalists and writers who want to create articles and content about Wanderhome. To that end, if you are a journalist or writer who wants to review or talk about Wanderhome, please reach out to us at main@possumcreekgames.com. Also, we still have a resource kit available to podcasters, and we plan to continue that support as the book is released. While we can't promise we can support everyone, we want to provide resources to any news outlets or podcasts who want to cover the game as it is released. We want to support the entire RPG ecosystem, which includes all of you.

Call To Action

In many parts of the world (my home in New York included) this time period is one of the roughest for unhoused and homeless people. It's always a good idea to donate to your local homeless shelter or community center, but I cannot understate the importance of lending your support now. Wanderhome is a game about seeking a home in a world where you can always find a bed to sleep on and a hot meal wherever you go. We should strive to emulate that in the world we live in today.

Among The Hills by Nadhir Nor (click here for his process on Patreon)

Seeya Soon

Take care everyone! We'll be slow to respond over the next week or so, but please feel free to reach out to us—either here, at our email, or on Twitter (Jay, Ruby, Possum Creek Games). Hopefully next time you hear from us we'll be announcing our new website!

The Turning Seasons by Juho Choi

Assorted November Updates
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 06, 2020 at 02:51:59 AM

Hi everyone, it's Jay!

The month of Firetop is just ending, and Grasping is beginning. Around here, Grasping lasts for a while—it is cold and barren, with cruel tree branches and a too-crisp early evening sky. It's finally too cold to sit outside, and so me and Ruby have taken shelter in our office. But there are still vestiges of stunningly bright trees along out creek, and the view is inspiring. This is a sorta small update, with information about BackerKit merchandise, where we are in the production, and some new art. 


First of all, please please please fill out your Backerkit survey! If you misplaced it, go here and put in your Kickstarter email. We are at 90% completed, and I want to make sure I can get everything to all the backers. Even if you only got a PDF, still fill it out—it'll help me stop pulling my hair out of my head, at least.

Additionally, we're going to be closing all merchandise orders on December 15. We'll still be selling copies of the book itself, but we need to lock in numbers for our manufacturers and for our budget. If you haven't bought any of our wonderful merchandise (including pins, postcards, t-shirts, patches, and more) you have a little more than 30 days to grab them! If you've already locked in your survey, you can still go back and edit it to add stuff. We've tossed in a couple really great things you can add to your order, including copies of my other game Sleepaway. 

Once we close orders, you'll still be able to change your address.

Progress on the Book

Last week I sent the final, finished manuscript over to my amazing editor, Kazumi. They and I have been chatting a bunch about intentions and goals of the text, trying to make everything as solid and firm as possible. There's a lot of revisions ahead of us but I'm already so thrilled with the feedback I've gotten and the work being done. Having an editor is an irreplaceable blessing, and I beg you to never go into your next project without one. As a published poet and Kundiman fellow, Kaz doesn't just know game design—they're also an accomplished writer of more traditional work, and their experience with academia and poetry heavily inform the perspective they bring to Wanderhome. 

Kazumi also just released an awesome game — Reverie, a decolonial reimagining of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons about a misfit group of strange travelers (including a child haunted by darkness, a talking crow, and the fallen moon) as they search through a mysterious and mist-filled world.


As is tradition, I'd like to wrap up this post with some of the new art we're getting in! We're trying to get everything together this month, and our artists are producing some truly amazing designs that are going to fill Wanderhome cover-to-cover with beautiful imagery. Check out some of the stuff below and be inspired!

The Parade of Small and Forgotten Gods by Jennie Lindberg
A Lakeside Market by Geneva Bowers
The King of the Floating Mountain by Cam Adjodha
The Poet, The Pilgrim, and the Moth-Tender by Letty Wilson

Stay in Touch

Constant reminder that you can follow me and Ruby on Twitter, and you can follow Possum Creek Games on Twitter, Itch.io, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also support us on Patreon, and through that get access to our Discord server. 

Also, tonight at 7 PM EST I'll be on a panel about GMless games hosted by Metatopia! AC of Indie Press Revolutions, Viditya Voleti and myself will be talking about GMless design, and I'll be thinking a bunch about Wanderhome there. You can watch the panel here, and catch a ton of other great stuff all week. 

That's all for now, take care and stay safe! I'll see you next when the first snow falls, and the Candlefeast begins.